Notification No. NPSC/EXAM-12/2022 dt. 04.08.2023 (Medical Fitness Test Dates for NCS, NPS & Allied Services 2022)

Published on : 04-08-2023 12:07 pm




NO.NPSC/EXAM-12/2022                                            Dated Kohima, the  4 th  August, 2023



                This is to notify that the State Medical Board has been constituted to conduct Medical Fitness Test in respect of successful Candidates who have been selected for NCS, NPS and Allied Services 2022 Viva-Voce, vide Notification of even number dated 7th July, 2023 as per the schedule given below:




22M0675, 22M0689, 22M0690, 22M0696, 22M0697, 22M0701, 22M0702, 22M0704,

22M0706, 22M0707, 22M0711, 22M0714, 22M0716, 22M0718, 22M0719, 22M0723,

22M0726, 22M0727, 22M0731, 22M0736, 22M0737, 22M0741, 22M0742, 22M0748,

22M0751, 22M0752, 22M0753, 22M0762, 22M0770, 22M0771, 22M0774, 22M0778,

22M0781, 22M0783, 22M0785, 22M0790, 22M0794, 22M0810, 22M0824, 22M0827,

22M0834, 22M0837, 22M0840, 22M0841, 22M0842, 22M0843, 22M0847, 22M0848,

22M0856, 22M0861, 22M0864, 22M0865, 22M0867, 22M0868, 22M0877, 22M0881,

22M0882, 22M0883, 22M0885, 22M0887, 22M0889, 22M0898, 22M0908, 22M0909,

22M0910, 22M0911, 22M0914, 22M0915, 22M0916, 22M0917, 22M0922, 22M0928,

22M0930, 22M0931, 22M0932, 22M0933, 22M0936, 22M0937, 22M0939, 22M0950,

22M0952, 22M0955, 22M0959, 22M0966, 22M0974, 22M0986, 22M0988, 22M0991,

22M0992, 22M0994, 22M0997, 22M0999, 22M1001, 22M1005, 22M1006, 22M1008,

22M1011, 22M1019, 22M1022, 22M1023, 22M1027, 22M1032, 22M1033, 22M1039,

22M1040, 22M1068, 22M1071, 22M1078, 22M1080, 22M1086, 22M1091, 22M1093,

22M1104, 22M1106, 22M1111, 22M1121, 22M1124, 22M1126, 22M1140, 22M1141,

22M1144, 22M1154, 22M1155, 22M1156, 22M1158, 22M1160, 22M1162, 22M1202,

22M1165, 22M1166, 22M1167, 22M1169, 22M1184, 22M1188, 22M1198, 22M1201,

22M1206, 22M1209, 22M1211, 22M1212, 22M1214, 22M1215, 22M1216, 22M1229,

22M1235, 22M1237, 22M1238, 22M1240, 22M1244, 22M1245, 22M1246, 22M1258,

22M1259, 22M1261, 22M1262, 22M1265, 22M1268, 22M1269, 22M1270, 22M1272,

22M1273, 22M1278, 22M1288, 22M1290, 22M1291, 22M1296, 22M1300, 22M1301,

22M1302, 22M1306, 22M1307, 22M1309, 22M1310, 22M1312, 22M1314, 22M1322,

22M1325, 22M1326, 22M1328, 22M1329, 22M1332, 22M1340, 22M1341, 22M1344,

22M1348, 22M1350, 22M1351, 22M1352, 22M1354, 22M1365, 22M1368, 22M1369,

22M1373, 22M1375, 22M1376, 22M1384, 22M1387, 22M1405, 22M1407, 22M1409,

22M1420, 22M1444, 22M1451, 22M1452, 22M1455, 22M1471, 22M1472, 22M1478,

22M1481, 22M1503, 22M1504, 22M1512, 22M1518, 22M1528, 22M1535, 22M1537,

22M1541, 22M1545, 22M1548, 22M1556, 22M1558, 22M1561


22M0005, 22M0007, 22M0012, 22M0015, 22M0020, 22M0024, 22M0026, 22M0027,

22M0029, 22M0036, 22M0038, 22M0043, 22M0045, 22M0046, 22M0053, 22M0058,

22M0060, 22M0065, 22M0067, 22M0068, 22M0069, 22M0071, 22M0079, 22M0081,

22M0085, 22M0086, 22M0087, 22M0090, 22M0092, 22M0095, 22M0097, 22M0100,

22M0101, 22M0104, 22M0109, 22M0111, 22M0112, 22M0118, 22M0120, 22M0121,

22M0122, 22M0128, 22M0129, 22M0130, 22M0131, 22M0135, 22M0137, 22M0138,

22M0141, 22M0142, 22M0144, 22M0145, 22M0148, 22M0150, 22M0152, 22M0153,

22M0155, 22M0157, 22M0160, 22M0166, 22M0167, 22M0169, 22M0171, 22M0174,

22M0178, 22M0179, 22M0180, 22M0181, 22M0182, 22M0183, 22M0184, 22M0188,

22M0191, 22M0193, 22M0194, 22M0195, 22M0196, 22M0197, 22M0202, 22M0204,

22M0206, 22M0207, 22M0209, 22M0210, 22M0218, 22M0221, 22M0222, 22M0223,

22M0225, 22M0226, 22M0227, 22M0229, 22M0232, 22M0233, 22M0234, 22M0235,

22M0237, 22M0238, 22M0239, 22M0240, 22M0243, 22M0244, 22M0247, 22M0248,

22M0250, 22M0251, 22M0252, 22M0254, 22M0255, 22M0256, 22M0257, 22M0260,

22M0261, 22M0268, 22M0269, 22M0271, 22M0272, 22M0274, 22M0276, 22M0279,

22M0284, 22M0285, 22M0286, 22M0288, 22M0289, 22M0292, 22M0295, 22M0298,

22M0299, 22M0300, 22M0307, 22M0308, 22M0310, 22M0313, 22M0314, 22M0315,

22M0322, 22M0323, 22M0324, 22M0327, 22M0328, 22M0329, 22M0330, 22M0335,

22M0336, 22M0346, 22M0348, 22M0350, 22M0353, 22M0356, 22M0357, 22M0367,

22M0371, 22M0381, 22M0387, 22M0390, 22M0391, 22M0392, 22M0393, 22M0400,

22M0403, 22M0409, 22M0410, 22M0417, 22M0419, 22M0420, 22M0421, 22M0422,

22M0423, 22M0425, 22M0428, 22M0429, 22M0433, 22M0434, 22M0436, 22M0438,

22M0439, 22M0443, 22M0444, 22M0448, 22M0449, 22M0450, 22M0458, 22M0462,

22M0464, 22M0470, 22M0473, 22M0475, 22M0486, 22M0494, 22M0495, 22M0498,

22M0501, 22M0502, 22M0503, 22M0506, 22M0507, 22M0512, 22M0514, 22M0516,

22M0517, 22M0518, 22M0519, 22M0520, 22M0522, 22M0525, 22M0526, 22M0528,

22M0532, 22M0534, 22M0536, 22M0539, 22M0542, 22M0545, 22M0546, 22M0547,

22M0555, 22M0559, 22M0560, 22M0563, 22M0573, 22M0575, 22M0578, 22M0582,

22M0583, 22M0584, 22M0589, 22M0595, 22M0598, 22M0603, 22M0611, 22M0618,

22M0628, 22M0632, 22M0637, 22M0642, 22M0644, 22M0660, 22M0669


         The candidates are to be present with the Interview CALL LETTER at Naga Hospital Authority Kohima at 10: 00 A.M. for Medical and Physical Fitness Test.





Nagaland Public Service Commission,