• Can I apply OTR (One Time Registration wihtout registering in NPSC Portal?
    No, you cannot apply OTR, without registration. It is mandatory to register a user account in the NPSC portal before applying for an OTR.
  • How do I register a User Account in NPSC Portal?
    Go to NPSC Official Portal (https://npsc.nagaland.gov.in) > Register
  • What are the things required to register a user account in NPSC Portal?
    A valid Email Address and Phone Number.
    Please Note that OTP (One Time Password) will be send to phone number for authentication during registration. Also for account activation email will be send for activating the user account.
  • How do I contact NPSC if I have any queries or technical issues?
    Visit the NPSC Helpdesk.
    Link : https://npsc.nagaland.gov.in/helpdesk/