Notification No.NPSC/CON-35/2009 dt. 06.07.2012 (Results of NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services Examination 2011)

Published on : 16-07-2012 11:22 am


Dated Kohima, the 6th July, 2012


On account of non-acceptance of posts by some recommended candidates, this Notification of partial modification supersedes the Nagaland Public Service Commission Notification of even no. Dated 5th June, 2012 & 13th June, 2012, the inter-se merit list for the purpose of seniority of Advertisement No.2/2010-2011 Dated 31st March, 2011, Corrigendum Dated 11th April, 2011, 29th April, 2011 and Addendum Dated 1st June, 2011, 5th July, 14th Sept. 2011, for NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services 2011, the following successful candidates are recommended in order of merit to various post(s) under the Government of Nagaland.  

I        12(Twelve) Posts of EAC (Extra Assistant Commissioner) Cl-I Gazetted-Junior Grade  under P&AR Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Rongsenmenla        1244     
2nd  Hotolu Sema         1501     
3rd  Shelly Katiry       1783    
4th  Kikato K. Chishi    1408    
5th  Kelevituo Nisa      1756     
6th  Meyazungba Jamir    1116     
7th  Tiayanger Jamir     1724     
8th  Thejakhrienuo Nisa  1827     
9th  L. Samuel           1498    Konyak
10th Kemciyile           1353    Zeliang
11th H. Berimong         1492    Chang
12th C. Phuniang         1802    Khiamniungan

II     5(Five) Posts of DySP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) Cl-I Gazetted,  under Home Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Shikato Swu         1158    
2nd  T. Zubenthung Ovung 1030    
3rd  Alloly H. Yeptho    1326    
4th  K. Vekato Chishi    1026    Sumi (Kiphire)
5th  T. Henthai Phom     1641    Phom

III     3(Three) Posts of SO (Statistical Officer) Cl-II Gazetted,  under Economics & Statistics Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  K. Rhanbemo Kithan  1233    
2nd  Vikosieto Krose     1594    
3rd  Nyushotho Nyuthe    1596    Pochury

IV     2(Two) Posts of CDPO (Child Development Project Officer) Cl-II Gazetted, under Social Welfare  Department.
Rank Name                  Roll No Remarks
1st  Bonathung Ngullie     1266    
2nd  T. Longlang Luckpance 1590    Phom

V     1(One) Post of ARO (Assistant Research Officer) Cl-II Gazetted, under Women Development  Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Chonben Odyuo       1536    

VI     3(Three) Posts of WDO (Women Development Officer) Cl-II Gazetted, under Women Development  Department.
Rank Name                 Roll No Remarks
1st  Nzanthung K. Yanthan 1371    
2nd  T. Thungbemo Patton  1213    
3rd  Cholongse P. Sangtam 1200    Sangtam

VII     2(Two) Posts of Inspector of Excise (Cl-II Gazetted), under Excise Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Tohuka S. Jakha     1380    
2nd  John Wesley Magh    1963    

VIII     1(One) Post of Inspector of Vigilance (Cl-II Gazetted), under Vigilance & Anti-Corruption  Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  K. Hanso Yimchunger 1627    Yimchunger

IX     11(Eleven) Posts of Inspector of Taxes (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Taxes Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  I. Sashilemla       1484    
2nd  Rechanaro Imchen    1960    
3rd  Lüsü Thurr          1872    
4th  C. Toshi Jamir      1752    
5th  Vizokho Vitso       1880    
6th  B. Sangro Aier      1163    
7th  T. Sulanthung       1057    
8th  Vekhrolo Koza       1513    Chakhesang
9th  Kokdiba Sangtam     1214    Sangtam
10th  Honkiumong         1282    Yimchunger
11th  Wiridin            1008    Zeliang

X     40 (Forty) Posts of Secretariat Assistant (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under  Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department.
Rank Name                       Roll No Remarks
1st  Vikshe Sumi                1849    
2nd  Saratho Katiry             1765    
3rd  Yanithung N. Ngullie       1262    
4th  Tsutsowe Kupa              1844    
5th  Vekhrotso Koza             1723    
6th  Benlo Khing                1362    
7th  Rükulü Tünyi               1952    
8th  Michael Supenthung         1256    
9th  Kekhriesetuo Ziephrü       1796    
10th Nchumthung Ezung           1087    
11th Paul Magh                  1746    
12th Nukshimatong               1389    
13th Imliwapang Jamir           1339    
14th R. Daniel Angami           1272    
15th Rorheu Peseyie             1292    
16th Atoka Shohe                1565    
17th L. Vutoli Chophi           1736    
18th Arnold Y. Sumi             1760    
19th Hukashi Yepthomi           1265    
20th Temsunungsang Jamir        1625    
21st R. Yansamongo Ezung        1221    
22nd Ronsdhat Ovung             1474    
23rd Mewelo Kepfoh              1559    
24th Emmanuel Shohe             1572    
25th Khrisavizo                 1054    
26th Iteising                   1386    Zeliang
27th Wete                       1890    Chakhesang
28th Bodi Kapfo                 1886    Chakhesang
29th K. Vinato Yeptho           1790    Sumi (Kiphire)
30th Mopnyei                    1287    Phom
31st Lokhum Yimchunger          1791    Yimchunger
32nd Ashom Konyak N.            1971    Konyak
33rd Trongdiba Tongpi T. Sangtam1367    Sangtam
34th C. Ebou Chang              1552    Chang
35th Ngamlih Wangshu            1337    Konyak
36th Yangrise Sangtam           1290    Sangtam
37th K. Longshen Khiamniungan   1821    Khiamniungan
38th T. Asuthong                1067    Yimchunger
39th Gwazenlo Chung             1748    Phy. Handicapped
40th C. Wangan                  1438    Phom

XI     33(Thirty-three) Posts of JDA (Junior Divisional Accountant) Cl-III Non-Gazetted, under Treasuries & Accounts Department.
Rank Name                   Roll No Remarks
1st  Akahoto Y. Jimo        1882    
2nd  Hetoka                 1731    
3rd  Kikato K. Jimo         1488    
4th  Khedu Sumi             1280    
5th  Veduzo Sasü            1024    
6th  Khriezovo Zutso        1888    
7th  Y. Yansaromo Jami      1281    
8th  Betoho N. Zhimomi      1695    
9th  M. Yanrenthung Ngullie 1336    
10th Z. Thungbenshan Kithan 1512    
11th Imliwabang Aier        1717    
12th Moasanen Ao            1874    
13th H. Hukaho Sumi         1758    
14th Celin Thol             1556    
15th Sentilong Longkumer    1711    
16th N. Chenithung          1115    
17th Imtinaro               1176    
18th Catherine Magh         1826    
19th Davis K. Zhimomi       1770    
20th Imliakum Sanglir       1735    
21st Vikuozenuo Angami      1309    
22nd Vesekho Thisa          1664    Chakhesang
23rd Heipeuding Ilunglung   1699    Zeliang
24th Kivikhu Yeptho         1850    Sumi (Kiphire)
25th Bhumnyu Phom           1334    Phom
26th Angke Konyak           1480    Konyak
27th Y. Hongkin Yongkong    1159    Chang
28th C. Achemdi             1139    Sangtam
29th Nockom Konyak          1885    Konyak
30th Nathan Konyak          1702    Konyak
31st Wanmei C. Phom         1078    Phom
32nd Ruthsan Y.             1469    Yimchunger
33rd Putsaio                1811    Khiamniungan

XII     5(Five) Posts of Senior Inspector of Cooperative Societies (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under  Cooperation Department.
Rank Name                 Roll No Remarks
1st  Tokai V. Sumi        1693    
2nd  Ameno Nagi           1662    
3rd  T. Alanthung Ngullie 1864    
4th  Ngongvai E. Phom     1721    Phom
5th  Lucy Konyak          1637    Konyak

XIII     3(Three) Posts of Inspector of Supply (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Directorate of Food & Civil Supplies.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Moanungsang         1324    
2nd  Allen Imchen        1137    
3rd  Lithrila Sangtam    1806    Sangtam

XIV     3(Three) Posts of Inspector of Statistics (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Economics & Statistics Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Nzanbemo Kithan     1340    
2nd  Keviseyieno Sale    1804    
3rd  Khrukutulu Tetse-o  1333    Chakhesang

XV     3(Three) Posts of Sub-Inspector of Vigilance (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Vigilance & Anti-Corruption  Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  P. Hewoto Swu       1058    
2nd  Vikashe H. Murumi   1138    
3rd  Disap               1805    Zeliang

XVI     1(One) Post of Research Assistant (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Art & Culture  Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Imyaba Ao           1959    

XVII     1(One) Post of Caretaker (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Social Welfare Department.
Rank Name                Roll No Remarks
1st  Vikeseto Rote       1575    

XVIII     1(One) Post of Record Keeper (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Art & Culture  Department.
Rank Name                 Roll No Remarks
1st  Khiungakiu S. Tikhir 1103    Yimchunger




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