Notification No.NPSC/CON-35/2009 dt. 05.10.2011 (Results of NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services Examination 2010)

Published on : 05-10-2011 11:20 am


Dated Kohima, the 5th October, 2011


In pursuance to the Nagaland Public Service Commission Advertisement No.4/2009-2010 Dated 12th Feb. 2010 and Addendum Dated 19th April, 2010, the Commission conducted Written, Main Examinations and Viva-voce for NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services 2010.
On the basis of marks obtained in the Main Examination and Viva-voce and options exercised by the candidates, the Commission is pleased to declare the list of successful candidates in order of merit for the following post(s) under the Government of Nagaland.

I     12 Posts of EAC (Extra Assistant Commissioner) Cl-I Gazetted-Junior Grade  under P&AR Department.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   ZHOI LOHE                0056    
2nd   LIVITOLI SUKHALU         0196    
3rd   CHONPENTHUNG EZUNG       0011    
4th   DIANA PATTON             0130    
5th   SAMUEL THYUG             0439    
6th   N. ZUBENTHUNG NGULLIE    0124    
7th   THUNGBEMO PATTON         0137    
8th   RUOPFUKUOTUO NOUDI       0034    
9th   LONGDIBA L. SANGTAM      0092    
10th  RELISE SANGTAM           0109     B.T. Sangtam
11th  VEKUTO VERO              0373     B.T. Chakhesang
12th  JAMES T. KHULU TIKHIR    0164     B.T. Yimchunger

II    10 Posts of DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) Cl-I Gazetted,  under Home Department.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   I. BUNGLANG CHANG        0340    
2nd   MEYIAKUM AO              0132    
3rd   M. YAMBEMO HUMTSOE       0103    
4th   KHUZAH JURRY             0313    
5th   JAMES JAMI               0045    
6th   SEYIESEZO PESEYIE        0266    
7th   VIKINTO K. ZHIMO         0028    
8th   ARENTH N. NGULLIE        0029    
9th   WITHUILIU NEWMAI         0415     B.T. Zeliang
10th  MANOM WALLIM             0274     B.T. Konyak

III   2 Posts of AEO (Assistant Election Officer) Cl-II Gazetted,  under Election Department.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   TOSHIMONGBA LONGCHAR     0033    
2nd   CHISHO K. SWU            0040    

IV    21 Posts of SA (Secretariat Assistant) Cl-III Non-Gazetted, under P&AR Department.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   WILLIAM KEZ              0044    
2nd   VIWOTO AYE               0202    
3rd   OTTOKA JIMO              0107    
4th   AMOS MAGH                0234    
5th   KHEKIHO SHIKHU           0018    
6th   C. TOSHI JAMIR           0257    
7th   RÜKÜTHO LCHO             0335    
9th   N. RENBEN YANTHAN        0127    
10th  L. HOLISE SANGTAM        0152    
11th  KHRISAVIZO               0055    
12th  KEVIDEZO CHIESOTSU       0254    
13th  TIAYANGER JAMIR          0268    
14th  ALLOLY H. YEPTHO         0104    
15th  CHOLONGSE P. SANGTAM     0050     B.T. Sangtam
16th  K. OKEY                  0046     B.T. Khiamniungan
17th  C. WATSHÜSIE NYUTHE      0347     B.T. Pochury
18th  KUPEUSING MERU           0409     B.T. Zeliang
19th  NAMSUNG PHOM             0215     B.T. Phom
20th  DOPONG NGAKU             0397     B.T. Chang
21st  K. ASHILA                0345     B.T. Yimchunger

V     2 Posts of Assistant Jailor (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Directorate of Prisons.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   BENDANG LONGKUMER        0353    
2nd   TEISI THOU               0337     B.T. Zeliang

VI    2 Posts of Inspector of Taxes (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under Taxation Department.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   ALEMWABANG               0085    
2nd   E. ONGSHAU PHOM          0283     B.T. Phom

VII   13 Posts of JDA (Junior Divisional Accountant) Cl-III Non-Gazetted, under Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   LILY LOTHA               0087    
2nd   ALLEN IMCHEN             0042    
3rd   S. RENLAMO LOTHA         0023    
4th   T. ALANTHUNG NGULLIE     0316    
5th   S. NGANGSHIMONGBA AO     0012    
6th   ZATEMO EZUNG S.          0398    
7th   M. MHONCHAN L. HUMTSOE   0008    
8th   KEVILENUO MEPFUO         0391    
9th   TRONGTSALI SANGTAM       0100     B.T. Sangtam
10th  PILI W. THUPITOR         0054     B.T. Pochury
11th  PUTIN                    0121     B.T. Phom
12th  K. HANSO YIMCHUNGER      0404     B.T. Yimchunger
13th  S. KOMAYANGBOU CHANG     0399     B.T. Chang

VI    2 Posts of Sub-Inspector (Cl-III Non-Gazetted), under  Home Guards & Civil Defence.

Rank  Name                     Roll No  Remarks
1st   P. HEWOTO SWU            0082    
2nd   INAHO K. SUMI            0036    



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