Advertisement No. 3/2017 dt. 07.12.2017 (Combined Technical Services Examination 2017)

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NO.NPSC/ADDVT-1/04(vol-1)                   Dated, the 7th December, 2017.


I.                  Applications are invited for filling up the following current vacancies under the Government of Nagaland in the manner prescribed below.

Item No.1: (a) 7(seven) posts of  Medical Officer(class-I Gazetted) under Health & Family Welfare Department. [1(one) post each reserved for BT Chang, Khiamniungan & Zeliang]

                   (b) 1(one) post of Medical Officer(class-I Gazetted) under Home Department:: Police Estt.Branch.(Reserved for BT Phom).

(c) 2(two) posts of Medical Physicist (class-I Gazetted) under Health & Family Welfare Department.

Item No.2: 5(five) posts of Veterinary Asst. Surgeon (class-I Gazetted) under Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department. ( 1 (one) post reserved for BT Yimchunger)

Item No.3: 1(one) post of Asst. Director (Engg)(class-I Gazetted) under Industries & Commerce Department.

Item No.4: (a) 3 (three) posts of Asst. Geologist (class-I Gazetted) under Geology & Mining Department. ( 1 (one) post reserved for BT Yimchunger)

                   (b) 1(one) post of J.E (Drilling) (class-II Gazetted) under Geology & Mining Department.

Item No.5: 1(one) post of Project Manager (class-I Gazetted) under Election Department.

Item No.6: 3(three) posts of SDO (class-I Gazetted)(Civil Engineering) under PHE Department.

Item No.7: (a) 1(one) post of SDO (class-I Gazetted)(Agri./Civil Engineering) ( under Irrigation & Flood Control Department.

(b) 1(one) post of J.E (class-II Gazetted) (Agri./Civil Engineering)  under Irrigation & Flood Control Department. ( 1 (one) post reserved for BT Chang)

Item No.8: 1(one) post of Vice-Principal (class-II Gazetted) under Labour & Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.

Item No.9: 1(one) post of Lecturer (Computer) (Grade-II) under Administrative Training Institute.(Reserved for BT Konyak)

Item No.10: 2 (two) posts of J.E (Mechanical) (class-II Gazetted) under Public Works Department.

Item No.11: (a) 2(two) posts of Economics & Statistical Officer (class- I Gazetted) under Economics & Statistics Department. ( 1 (one) post reserved for BT Sangtam)

                   (b) 2(two) posts of Inspector of Statistics (Grade-III Non-Gazetted) under Economics & Statistics Department. ( 1 (one) post reserved for BT Zeliang)

Item No.12: (a) 2(two) post of Jr. Lecturer (class-II Gazetted) under Soil & Water Conservation Department. ( 1 (one) post reserved for BT Konyak)

                   (b) 1(one) post of Asst. Research Officer (class-II Gazetted) under Soil & Water Conservation Department.

Item No.13: 1(one) post of Planning Assistant (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Planning & Co-ordination Department.

Item No.14: 1(one) post of Inspector Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection Department.

Item No.15: 3(three) posts of Fishery Inspector (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Fishery Department. [1(one) post each reserved for BT  Khiamniungan,& Konyak]


 II.               With reference to the Commission’s advertisement NO.NPSC-4/2016 dated 19th Oct,2016 & Notification NO.NPSC/C-5/2012 dated 11th Oct.2017, the following backlog vacancies which could not be recommended earlier are hereby re-advertised.  The tribes name mentioned against each post(s) are reserved for the particular backward tribes.

Item No.16: 2(two) posts of Veterinary Asst. Surgeon (Class-I Gazetted) under Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department.(Chang/Sumi of Kiphire)

Item No.17: 1(one) post of JE(Class-II Gazetted)(Agri./Civil Engineering) under Irrigation & Flood Control Department.(Yimchunger)

Item No.18: 1 (one) post of JE(Class-II Gazetted) (Civil Engineering) under PHE Department. (Yimchunger)

Item No.19: 1(one) post of JE(Class-II Gazetted) (Civil Engineering) under Work & Housing Department. (Yimchunger)

Item No.20: 1(one) post of JE (Class-II Gazetted) (Electrical) under Power Department. (Konyak)

Item No.21: 2(two) posts of Agriculture Inspector (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Agriculture Department. (Yimchunger/ Pochury)

Item No.22: 2 (two) posts of Agri. Marketing Inspector (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Agriculture Department. (1(one) post reserved for BT Phom)

Item No.23: 1 (one) post of Foreman (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Printing & Stationery Department. (Konyak)

Item No.24: 1 (one) post of Asst. Entomologist (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Health & Family Welfare  Department.

Item No.25 1 (one) post of Demonstrator (Grade-III) (Chemistry) under Department of Technical Education. (Phom)

Item No.26: 2(two) posts of Extension Officer (Class-III Non-Gazetted) under Sericulture Department. (Zeliang / Yimchunger)

Note:-          With reference to the Nagaland Public Service Commission Advertisement No.4/2016 Dated 19.10.2016,

(1) Item No. 8 : 1(one) post of programmer (Class-I Gazetted) under Department of Justice & Law which was kept in abeyance vide Corrigendum/Notification dated 23.02.2017 is hereby withdrawn from the advertisement as requested by the Department vide letter No. LAW/HC-21 2009(pt) Dated, Kohima the 23rd January 2017.

(2)Item No.20(b): 1(one) post of Lecturer(Grade-A) (Electrical Engg) under Technical Education Department shall be re-advertised under Common Educational Services Advertisement.

Educational Qualification:-

Item No.1: (a)& (b) MBBS from a recognised university duly recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).    

(c) (i) (physics) with Diploma in Radiological Physics recognised by BARC or from recognised University.

(ii) M.Sc(Medical Physics) recognised by BARC or from any recognised university.

Item No.2: B.V.Sc & A.H/M.V.Sc/G.B.VC/G.M.VC/G.V.Sc or Equivalent.

Item No.3: B.E in Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical/Electronics & Telecomunication / B.Tech/  B.Sc in Industrial Engineering.

Item No.4: (a) Master Degree in Geology from any recognised university or M.Tech in applied Geology or its equivalent.

(b) Minimum 3years Diploma in Drilling/Mining/Mechanical/Automobile Engineering.

 Item No.5: B.E/B.Tech in Information Technology/Computer Science & Engineering/Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. or MCA or M.Sc in Computer Science from a university recognised by AICTE/UGC.

Item No.6: Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or Equivalent qualification of a recognised university.

Item No.7: (a) (1) B.E (Agri. Engg)

(2) B.E(Civil Engg),

(b) (1) B.E (Agri. Engg)

(2) B.E(Civil Engg) or 3years Diploma course in Agri. Engineering/Civil Engineering from a recognised universities. However, Minimum 50% of these posts shall be reserved for persons possessing degree/diploma in Agriculture Engineering.

Item No.8: B.EMech/Elect/Civil/Electronics or its equivalent from any recognised university.

Item No.9: Master Degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Computer Application with 50% marks.

Item No.10: 3(three) years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering/or its equivalent or above from a university/Board recognised by AICTE.

Item No.11: (a) Master Degree in Statistics/Economics/Maths & Commerce or a graduate with any one of the subjects with minimum three years experience as Inspector of Statistics.

(b) Bachelor Degree with honours in Statistics / Economics/Maths & Commerce or a graduate with Statistics/Economics/Maths & Commerce as one of the subjects with three years Experience as sub-Inspector of Statistics(SIS). 

Item No.12: (a) &(b) B.Sc (Agri). Agri. Engineering. Horti S&WC Engg. or Forestry.

Item No.13: B.A with Eco, Maths, Statistics & Commerce as one of the major subjects.

Item No.14: Graduate in Science with Physics as one of the subjects or Degree in Engineering.

Item No.15:      (i) B.F.Sc.

(ii) B.Sc (Zoology) it equivalent with 1(one) year P.G Diploma in Fishery Science.

Item No.16: B.V.Sc & A.H/M.V.Sc/G.B.VC/G.M.VC/G.V.Sc or Equivalent.

Item No.17: (1) B.E (Agri. Engg)

(2) B.E(Civil Engg) or 3years Diploma course in Agri. Engineering/Civil Engineering from a recognised universities. However, Minimum 50% of these posts shall be reserved for persons possessing degree/diploma in Agriculture Engineering.

Item No.18: Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or the equivalent Qualification of a   recognised university. Or 3 (three) years Diploma in Civil Engg. from a recognised board of technical Education.

Item No.19: 3 (three) years Diploma in Civil Engg./ its equivalent or above from a university/ Board recognised by AICTE.

Item No.20: Diploma/ Degree (Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering)

Item No.21: B.Sc (Agri) & above.

Item No.22: Degree in Agriculture or agriculture Engineering with Additional degree / Diploma in marketing or MBA

Item No.23: 3(three) years Diploma in printing Technology from recognised institute/university.

Item No.24: B.Sc Zoology

Item No.25: B.Sc in Chemistry with honours.

Item No.26: PGDS/ Sericulture/ (Agri) with PGDS.

 Age on 01-01-2017                 Minimum                   Maximum

                                                21 Years                      30 Years.

                                                                                     Pay Band                   Grade Pay.

Item Nos.3, 9                                                              15600-39100               5700

Item Nos. 1(a)(b)(c),2,,4(a),5,6,7(a),11(a)16,             15600-39100               5400

Item Nos. 8,                                                                9300-34800                 4600

Item Nos. 4(b),7(b),10, 12(a)(b) 17,18,19,20             9300-34800                 4400

Item Nos. 25,                                                              9300-39100                 4200

Item Nos. 11(b),13,14,15.21,22,23,24,26                   5200-20200                 2800


Elective Subject to be opted (only one)

Item No.

Elective Subject


Medical Science




Vety Science


Engineering Degree in Mechanical /Chemical / Electrical/ Electronics & Telecomunication/ Industrial Engineering





Drilling(Diploma)/Mining(Diploma)/Mechanical Engg./(Diploma) Automobile Engg.(Diploma)


Information Tech (Degree)/Computer Science & Engg(Degree)/ Electronics & Telecommunication Engg(Degree)/MCA


Civil Engineering(Degree)


Agri. Engg(Degree)./Civil Engg. (Degree)/


Agri. Engg(Diploma)/Civil Engg. (Diploma)/


Mech. Engg(Degree).//Elect. Engg(Degree).//Civil Engg(Degree)./Electronics Engg(Degree).


Computer Science & Engg.(Degree)/MCA


Mechanical Engg. (Diploma)


Statistics/Economics/Mathematics / Commerce


Agri. Science/Agri. Engg(Degree)/Horticulture/Forestry


Economics/Mathematics/Statistics/ Commerce


Physics/Degree in Engineering.


Fishery Science.


Veterinary science


Agri. Engg. (Diploma)/Civil Engg. (Diploma)


Civil Engg.(Diploma)


Civil Engg.(Diploma)


Electrical Engg.(Diploma)


Agri Science.


Agri Science.


Printing Technology (Diploma)









1.      The upper age limit is relaxable by:

(a)  5(five) years for candidates belonging to SC/ST.

(b) Age concession for serving Government employees will be allowed, the equal number of years they are in service subject to a maximum of 5(five) years.

2.    80% of the vacancies are reserved for the candidates belonging to (a) Any Naga Tribe (b) Kuki (c) Kachari (d) Garo and (e) Mikir provided such persons are Indigenous Inhabitant of the State of Nagaland.

3.      Implementation of reservation for backward tribes in the state shall be in accordance with the notification issued vide NO.RCBT 5/87(pt-II) dated14-04-2011, 15-06-2012 & 04.09.2015.

4.      There shall be 3% Reservation for Physically Challenged Candidates, wherever applicable, as per Government Notification NO.AR/Gen-9/97 dated 16-01-08.

5.      Terms & conditions.

i.    Only those candidates who possess the requisite qualification acquired from recognized university/institution at the time of applying will be eligible to apply for the post(s).

ii. Candidates must submit attested/self-attested photocopies of the following documents/materials to the Commission:

a)   HSLC/Matriculation/Equivalent Admit Card for proof of Date of Birth. No other Certificate will be accepted for age proof.

b)   Indigenous Inhabitant Certificate/Scheduled Tribe Certificate/Backward Tribe Certificates as relevant and applicable.

c)   For physically handicapped candidate, certificate from competent medical authority is required.

d)   Proof of Educational Qualifications: Mark Sheets & Pass Certificates/Provisional Pass certificates from matriculation onwards till requisite qualification. If for any reason pass certificates/ provisional pass certificates is not issued by the  Board/ Institute/University, a letter/certificate to that effect from the Board/Institute/University  must be submitted.

e) Registration certificates issued by Indian Veterinary Council/Nagaland Veterinary Council is necessary for Veterinary candidates.

f)    No Objection Certificate from the Head of Department/Public Undertaking to be furnished in case the applicant is an employee of the Government or Public Undertaking.

g)   All relevant documents/certificates to be submitted should have been issued by the concerned authority/institution/board/university on or before the last date of submission of application form.

h) All original documents are to be produced as and when called for and also during interview without which candidates will not be allowed to appear the interview.

6. Indigenous Inhabitant Certificate, S.C/S.T & B.T Certificates should be signed only by District Authority not below the rank of Additional Deputy Commissioner.


8. The decision of the Commission in all matters regarding eligibility, conduct of examination, other tests and selection would be final and binding on all candidates. No representation or correspondence shall be entertained by the Commission in this regard.

9. Canvassing in any form shall invite disqualification.

10. Application form (including Syllabus, pattern of examination & self certification) can be downloaded from the Commission’s website at & the duly filled up application form may be sent by registered post along with demand draft for ₹300/- drawn in favour of Secretary, Nagaland Public Service Commission, Kohima, payable at Kohima, being fees for examination.

11. Application form can also be submitted personally in the Commission’s Office on payment of ₹300/-(Rupees three hundred) only by cash.

12. Application forms will not be issued from the office of the Commission.

13. Application must be complete in all respect and accompanied by all the prescribed documents specified in the application form and advertisement including 1 (one) copy of recent passport photograph, original Examination fee receipt issued by the Commission/Bank Draft and a self Addressed envelope (9”x4”). Any application without all requisite documents specified including unsigned application, choice of Elective subjects, incomplete and incorrect filling up of form shall be summarily rejected. 

14. Application received after the last date of submission shall be rejected. For application submitted by registered post, a relaxation of 7 (seven) days will be granted provided it is address to the Secretary, Nagaland Public Service Commission and posted on or before the last date for submission of application.

15. For any queries candidate can call the NPSC helpdesk number : 8259977429 during office hours (10:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs) 

16. No complaints will be entertained after the closing date.

16. Application Forms can be downloaded from 11- 12-2017.

17. The last date for submission of application form is 20-.01-2018.





Nagaland Public Service Commission,